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2020 so far.....

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

The year 2020 has come and I can hardly believe it is mid February already. As I had some big trips coming up and I was away so much last year I decided to spend these first months in London to relax a little more and work on my fitness.

As each new year, we all take the time to think on how we would like to become better with new year resolutions. These are some of my new year’s resolutions which so far I have been successful.

  • Get my body fitter and stronger

  • Stop eating red meat

  • Care less on what others think of me

  • Embrace the present rather than always thinking about a million other things

  • Rid my life of anything that brings negativity or upset- regardless of how selfish it may seem

This year so far has been an absolute delight!

Some photo of the year so far:)

We started 2020 opening the New Years Day Parade with @Twizzytours ! It was so much fun and there was thousands of people cheering for us as we drove past!

I love oysters! Unfortunately, I had the worst stomach flu/food poison of my life after these oysters and I don’t want to put the blame entirely on them as you never know but I don’t think I will be having anymore stall oysters.

Golden Hour in Kew.

I’ve been working with my trainer to getting my body stronger this year. After I broke my knee 3 years ago I kind of lost my fitness. But so far it is going well and im enjoying seeing my body change and my strength grow.

I absolutely love Thames Path cycles. I have done them on both north and south and heading east to west. The best day trip when you are trying to relax and not do anything too wild.

I celebrated another Australia Day in London. How cute is my boyfriend surprising me with fairy bread and avo toast. Doesn’t get more Aussie than that;)

Had a few nights out with friends. My girl Chae and I had a wild night at Mama Shelter in East London.

CAMDEN!One of the best places for tourists and Londoners to walk around. The canal surrounding is some of my favourites to walk.

So so grateful to live in London Bridge, I love being able to pop into Borough Market to get breakfast and look around on the weekends.

My second Valentine’s Day with Didzis! This time it was a lot more low key. We are not really a big fan on make a huge deal of the day so we stayed at home, cooked a delicious dinner and watched Modern Family. Nice and cosy.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2020 has to bring, so far I am loving it and am very optimistic for the future.

I hope 2020 is treating you all amazing,