• KH

A September Sunday in London

Even a lazy Sunday with no plans can make for a fun day in London. While not everyday makes for a good blog day, pictures can tell a story.

Waking up to a blue sky my boyfriend and I headed into Covent Garden to start our day. I had a sudden urge for an ice cream and not just any old ice cream. We popped into Milk Train and ordered the baddest ice cream with all the extras. So delicious!

Next stop - Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a great place to go on a day with no plans. It’s busy with people from all walks of life and has plenty of things to do. I had been wanting to take a boat out on the Serpentine all summer so today was a good a day as any. We hired the paddle boat for 1 hour and there was some debate whether or not I was actually paddling haha! Since my paddle efforts where being questioned I decided to ride upfront and enjoy the sun.

Once our hour was up, we continued through the park towards Queensway where my favourite cluster of red telephone boxes live.

Ducking into the tube, the next stop was St Paul's.

Even after walking across the Millennium Bridge for the thousandth time, I still love to stop and take photos and admire my surroundings.

We had tickets for the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre which is a replica of the original Globe Theatre where Shakespeare wrote most of his work and is only 200 meters from the original site. The tickets are only £5 for the stand up ones. We met our friends for a bite and a drink at the pub next door before entering. While I shamelessly confess that I had no idea what the play was about (I luckily wasn’t the only one) the overall experience was fun.

Not every day has to be a planned day! Sometimes the no plan plan makes for the best days. It’s always nice to have days like these around London as there is always something new to stumble across.