• KH

Autumn in London

After almost having spent an entire weekend at home due to being sick ( very abnormal to spend a day inside the house ) I am glad that I managed to feel better on Sunday morning and get out of the apartment. I get my flu jab every year but what I think I need is a cold jab. My body is just not handling the change of season this year. I started the morning with my coffee and watching the beautiful autumn colours outside my window. I treated myself to a quick manicure before getting ready to venture into Covent Garden. I remember last year, which was my first year in London, I saw the weather becoming colder as a negative thing. I was so worried about the long winter ahead of me but now I am loving it so much more. I really will miss these autumn colours.

I met Didzis at his work we made our way to the Seven Dials Market. I hadn’t been here before but it looks great and the cheese train was what really caught my eye. Whack anything on a train and people get excited.

My favourite place to be in London is around The Thames, even though it is a river, being a coast girl and grown up living by the beach I feel most relaxed by the water. The burnt orange and yellow colours covering the The Royal Horseguards Hotel building are so insanely pretty.

This cosy book market is so cute. I love that they can use a public space outside like this. Also, I cannot believe that the Christmas Market at Southbank has already started. 1st of November - 5th of January is really pushing it you ask me.

We managed to capture golden hour on the opposite side of St Paul’s Cathedral.<3

Right after the above picture it got dark and we started making our way back home. I am just grateful I managed to get out of the house at all this weekend. This makes for a pretty mellow weekend but at least I managed to make the most of these beautiful autumn colours. <3