• KH

Breaking out of London

Now the restrictions have been lifted in England, we are able to spend as much time as we would like outside. Having spent a couple of months not leaving London and being blessed with exceptional weather, we decided to get out of the city for a day. Knowing that all the popular beaches like Brighton would be packed, we decided that we would drive to Hastings in hope that it would be less crowded.

Waking up early on a Wednesday morning, we went to pick up our car and headed towards Hastings. It honestly felt like we were breaking out of somewhere. Was this really happening!?

An hour and thirty minutes later we were by the coast. I have grown up by the beach my whole life so not seeing the coastline sometimes gets to me whilst living in London. I felt so relaxed and calm instantly at the sight of an oceanic horizon. The water was an amazing aqua💚💙

Everything is still closed in the UK so no restaurants, shops or bars are open. This being the case I had packed a picnic so we could enjoy our lunch on the beach. After a walk in the nature reserve we fell asleep on the first beach we laid out on and managed to get a bit sunburnt. Oops!

Further along the coast we stopped at this small coastal town on the English Channel. There was hardly anybody around and we had an entire beach to ourselves. We watched the sunset while enjoying some wine and beer for several hours.

Despite reading that day trippers were unwelcome in the more rural towns, everyone was greeting us as we walked past. We maintained our distance and respected the rules currently in place. I am looking forward to another day trip soon, it seems this will be the only form of travelling for now. Our little road trip to the sea was perfect.