• KH

London is back, Baby!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Well, not entirely in terms of tourists as we still have a 14 day quarantine for any visitors. But can we all please take a moment and appreciate how wonderful the weather has been in the UK right now. I kid you not, I remember thinking out loud to my friend in February - “what does it feel like to go outside without a coat”? I really for the life of me though this warm weather was never going to come. Now I can’t think of what it is like going out with a coat. Go figure!

This weekend I celebrated my dear friend Tyler’s 29Th Birthday which left Didzis and I a little bit dusty on Saturday, therefore seeing almost a whole Saturday go by without doing much. Feeling a bit sad that we let a day go to waste we were up super early on Sunday to start our cycles around London.

My most favourite London landmark, St. Paul’s Cathedral is the most photogenic piece of architecture. I know that cities have to develop with the times, but my most favourite buildings in the city are pre 1950’s.

Cycling on we continued through to Neal’s Yard, St James’s and Green Park, Mayfair. During normal times (no virus) all these places are inundated with people. The only good thing I can say about this whole pandemic as we come out of it, there will “hopefully” not be another time where you will see so many iconic places so wonderfully empty.

We found so many beautiful photo ops I was so glad I wore my summery romper!

We finished off our successful day by picking up some food at Whole Foods Piccadilly and ate in the sun before cycling back home. Apart from the lack of public bathrooms open and the social distancing… London is back baby!

Let’s hope only the beginning of a wonderful summer.