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Secret Food Tour of London Bridge

Where to do my first ever food tour than in London? A foodie haven when it comes to swanky restaurants to its famous markets, on this occasion in particular, Borough Market.

Borough Market is a must see for anyone visiting London. It has seen numerous changes over the last 1000 years, but the concept remains the same. Its somewhat hidden location on the south end of London Bridge gives it a cosy feel. It is easily one the most loved food markets in London and one of the most famous food markets in the world.

Borough Market is open Monday to Saturday. During the weekend it is extremely busy, I would prefer to go during the weekday and do not be afraid to go during winter as it is considerably quieter. In saying that, I believe Borough Market is an exciting place to visit anytime.

On a sunny Saturday we arranged to do a food tour in London Bridge. Being a local in a big city, you can sometimes lose out on some of the most knowledgeable guides unless you jump on board a tour.

I have been to Borough Market on several occasions and each time only picked up one snack having felt a bit overwhelmed with the crowds. The Food Tour London Bridge offered by Secret Food Tours, was the perfect solution to my problem!

The tour is 3.5 hours and we had 12 people in the group including ourselves. This was divided between people from the USA and a couple of UK locals. We gathered at our meeting spot and after introducing ourselves, our tour guide Jason went to tell us facts about Borough Market as well as a bit about what we would be tasting over the next few hours.

As suggested, we had not eaten breakfast beforehand so we began our tour on empty stomachs and made our way to our first stop - Whiskey Ginger – a stall of barbeques grilling sausages, bacon, and eggs. Our dry cured and smoked, streaky bacon egg roll was handed to us, and we hungrily devoured it as Jason entertained us with the history of the market. Interestingly, if you operate a stall in Borough Market, where possible, all ingredients must be sourced from other stalls before being outsourced elsewhere.

Proceeding through the mass of stalls we were given 15 minutes to wander around ourselves. These delicious looking scotch eggs caught my eye. Scotch eggs are not a thing in Australia, but since I have been in London you can find them everywhere so I purchased one and it tasted exactly as good as it looked.

The next meal on the agenda was classic British fish and chips. This was provided from Fish Kitchen which had a queue in front of it. Luckily, as they were prepared for our tour we, did not have to wait long for our battered haddock and triple cooked chips. Living in the UK this may not seem like an exotic meal, but for international visitors it is a must try.

With another 15 minutes to walk around independently, I found myself at the spritzer stand where you can purchase a refreshing alcoholic spritzer, and it was very welcome on this sunny summer’s day.

Next up – traditional sausage roll from Ginger Pig. Seeing as we were tasting a lot of food in a short period of time the meals were split in half. This sausage roll was so delicious I made a mental note to go back and get a full one for my greedy self.

Seeing as it is called a “secret” food tour the “secret” item was a Bread Ahead

Award winning Vanilla Custard Doughnut.   %80 of Borough Markets bread comes from the Bread Ahead bakery.

This beautiful mural, which was painted on the walls of Borough Market, may just look like a nice photo op to the unknowing but these eight hearts are to remember the eight lives which were tragically lost during the London bridge Terror Attacks in 2017 where eight people were sadly killed.

Once out of the Market we were manoeuvred into the Mug House – an old characterful wine bar and restaurant hidden underneath the last remaining arch of the original London Bridge. Here we tried Aspall Cyder and Luscombe Cider with a selection of British Cheeses. (Stilton blue vein cheese, Unpasteurised Cheddar, Ticklemore Goats Cheese.)

Feeling full and satisfied we were still yet to be told that we had one more stop left where we would be finishing off our tour with sticky toffee pudding and English Breakfast Tea.

I thoroughly enjoyed our tour: Jason was very informative and my inner geek was loving all the history surrounding Borough Market and London Bridge. It is an excellent idea for international wishing to experience some traditional British foods.

You can find their details here https://www.secretfoodtours.com/london/

You can find all the information and upcoming events at Borough Market at their website http://boroughmarket.org.uk/