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The best of Riga in summer

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

My love for Riga and Latvia as a country may somewhat be apparent, but I just can't help share all the amazing reasons why I love it! It has always been a country I wanted to visit but for some reason it was never high on my list.

Having experienced all the seasons Riga has to offer I would have to say that spring and summer would have to be my favourite. There are so many different activities and venues to suit everyone and my only wish is that I will be able to experience them all during my lifetime!

Here are a few of my favourite activities to do whilst visiting Riga in summer.

1. Kayak through the Riga Canal and River Daugava


This was by far the best experience I have had in Riga so far during summer. For those who like to do activities without a tour guide or a group, this is the activity for you.

Not only can you hire a kayak to explore Riga via the stunning Riga canal, but there is also SUP boards as well.

With some friends, my fiancé and I kayaked through the canal surrounded by the lovely Bastejkalna Park before coming out on the other end on to the Daugava River which flows through the centre of Riga.

The kayak hire was 20 euros for 3 hours which was more than worth it.

Rigas Laivas is situated at Andrejosta Yacht Club, and you can visit their website here.

2. Scoot around Riga on a Bolt e-scooter

Not only is Bolt the best and cheapest way to taxi around Riga, you can also use the app to reserve and pay for the e-scooters that are scattered through the city.

You need to be 16+ to hire one and they can go as fast as 25km p/h so wear a helmet or ensure you are very careful! Also, make sure your scooter has enough power to not leave you stranded as my fiancé and I learnt the hard way underneath the haha!

It is only 11 cents a minute and an absolute blast!

3. Enjoy a rooftop sunset.

One of the first things I look for in a city is a rooftop bar. There is something spectacular sipping a cocktail and overlooking the city surrounding you from above.

67 Bar and Grill served beautiful cocktails with an even better view! It was quite busy on a weeknight, but we managed to score a table right in the corner with breathtaking views over Riga.

Sundowner dreams!

4. Pay a visit to Mežaparks

Get out of the Old Town bubble and take a 25 minute Bolt ride to Mežaparks. Its literal translation in English is “Forest Park”.

This large recreational park is not only home to the Riga Zoo, but it also has km long trails and walking tracks where you can walk, cycle, rollerblade as well as scooter. We hire Bolt e-scooters at the entrance and made our way through the park.

The 3D pavement art is cool and why not take a dip in the Mežaparks beach or have a coffee and a snack at the beach café.

5. Riga Motor Museum

For all, you motor-heads out there the Riga Motor Museum is home to more than 100 antique vehicles.

The museum tells stories from the first cars made to journeys throughout the decades including the Kremlin collection and Soviet car industry.

We came as a family with a one-year-old and he was so entertained with the areas designed for kids. It was a perfect family outing.

6. Stay in a Spa Hotel

Something I had only heard of after my time spent in Latvia is that Spa Hotels are extremely popular throughout the country. These hotels are either large or boutique hotels with a large spa area boasting different pools, saunas, steam rooms and more. They come at an extra cost but are usually available in the room rate.

In summer the hotel rates in Riga are extremely low as all the locals head out to their country houses.

We stayed at the Wellton Riverside Spa Hotel for 55 euro per night with breakfast and 1-time spa access included. Even for only one night, it is worth experiencing the popular Baltic spa culture.

7. Walk around Riga Old Town

This one doesn’t need any explanation. The beautiful gothic architecture of Riga Old Town will have you turning your head at every corner. Old Town is scattered with outdoor restaurants, cafes and bars where you can park up and enjoy a beer or cocktail while the city bustles past you.

These are some of my favourite Old Town spots.

8. Have a fun evening with a live DJ at Andrejostas Kvartāls.

Right on the water in the Andrejostas Marina, there is several of my favourite restaurants and bars but for a Friday evening with friends, Andrejostas Kvartāls is the place to be.

It has a variety of different people all coming together to enjoy good music, drinks and have a good time. There is live DJ playing house music as well as other artists on different days of the week.

You can find their upcoming events on their Facebook page here.

9. Rent a CityBee

If you are in Riga and have a few errand or appointments to get to quickly or would just like to see Riga by car. You can reserve a CityBee from any of the locations where they are parked on their app.

All the information you need for CityBee is on their website here.

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I hope you enjoyed this Riga blog, if you have an questions please free to ask !