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The Luna Cinema @ Westminster Abbey

London undoubtedly is one of the busiest cities in the world, meaning it has an abundance of things to do. For a city which isn’t always blessed with great weather, it certainly makes the most of what it has. 

This Thursday I had the pleasure of attending The Luna Cinema at Westminster Abbey, which had been set up in the Dean’s Yard. The Abbey loomed above us making for a historical location and I was feeling very excited for the evening ahead. 

Now, I don’t think I have been to a cinema for five or something years. I get uninterested and have trouble staying focused, so it takes a beautiful event and something different to have me watch a movie from start to finish.

An outdoor cinema is really taking a gamble, especially in the UK. Thankfully, after a heavy downpour during the week, our scheduled movie night was the only day of the week not raining. Shakespeare in Love was the movie of choice, while it’s not a recent movie, I had not seen it before and again I was mainly there for a nice evening. 

We had General Admission tickets which means you can bring your own picnic blanket and sit on the grass, alternatively you can buy Premium tickets which include chairs for you to sit in. I prefer the picnic feel otherwise I may as well have gone to the cinema. We brought our picnic towels and laid them out on the grass and set up our picnic which consisted of takeaway sushi, Krispy Kreme doughnuts paired with some gin and tonics.

The venue has delicious food and drinks stands where you can purchase German sausage, popcorn, and drinks, as well as back stands for those sitting on the grass.

After demolishing our picnic, we settled down on the grass to watch the movie. Half way during the movie I started feeling the cold and wet of the rain from the day before seeping through my towel so I would strongly suggest a thick blanket and warm clothes.

The Luna Cinema hosts movie evenings in a range of iconic or historical locations with movies ranging from new releases to old hits. They also host cinema events for children. I’m looking forward to my next movie! It’s a lovely suggestion for a date night or to do with a group of friends and even gives non-moviegoers like myself a reason to look forward to the big screen.

The Luna Cinema is a very well organised event. Anyone can put a projector in a park and call it an outdoor cinema, but the locations they host their events in really enhance interest.

For the same price as a regular cinema ticket, I think I will be opting for my movie nights with The Luna Cinema. 💙

Check them out at https://thelunacinema.com/ :)