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Twizy Tours London

You’ve likely seen a Twizy car zooming around somewhere by now, a small 4 wheeled, windowless car that is % 100 electric. These exotic cars have been attracting my attention around London for a while now, so I was intrigued and eager to get behind one.

My boyfriend’s parents were in London from Latvia and we had a jam packed weekend filled with activities. Fortunately, for my curiosity we had Twizy Tours on the itinerary!

Twizy Tours are a London based tour company that offers Twizy cars decked out in the Union Jack with 3 pre-marked tours which you follow from the built-in navigation, alternatively you can decide your own route by an hourly rate.

We went to the pickup location on Oxford Street, where Francesca and her husband showed us how to use the cars. Even with the English – Latvian language barrier we were able to easily translate to my boyfriend’s parents how to drive the car. The cars are like a bumper car – two pedals to accelerate and brake, simple steering wheel and one press of a button to start. Once we were all comfortable with how to drive the vehicles we set off on our way for our outing.

So much fun! You feel like a celebrity with all the pedestrians and motor traffic turning their heads to look at you. People waved, smiled and took pictures of us. These cars stand out, and as someone who shamelessly admits to loving attention I was in my prime!

We toured through Hyde Park, made our way to Little Venice and had a coffee stop at Portobello Road, where we again lapped up the attention by passing students. Our Latvian visitors loved seeing the flowered covered houses and we blended in with The Churchill Arms in Kensington

We spent 2 hours zipping through London before heading back to the drop-off station where we reluctantly turned off our engines and handed over the keys to our little vehicle.

Twizy Tours are a fun and excellent way to travel around to the city sights in London without the hassle of taking the tube and with an added confidence than taking a bike. They are a two seater vehicle which makes them great for families with young kids or for people who don’t want to drive themselves. Our Latvian visitor’s nerves of driving in a busy city on the other side of the road were soon forgotten as soon as we took off and it was the highlight of their trip.

Would you take a Twizy Tour for your next visit to London?

Visit www.twizytours.com to book.

Tel – 0737 642 8363